High-performance technical staffing and training for tradeshows and events

You’ll pay others for event staffing. You’ll partner with Professional Staffer Services for the strategy, preparation, management, technical capability, teamwork and people that will drive business.

Professional Staffer Services – our offerings:



Technical demos
Traffic management

<p><center>Technical Presentations

Technical Presentations

One-to-many demos

<p><center>Show Skills® Advanced Staffer Training

Show Skills® Advanced Staffer Training

Skill building
Message delivery
Team building

<p><center>Show Floor Performance Consulting

Show Floor Performance Consulting

On-floor staffer team coaching
Strategic consulting
Tactical consulting
Staffer performance

Leading brands count on us for these results:

  • PerformanceGet better results from existing programs
  • TurnoverTouch more customers in the same environments
  • ConnectivityClose the gap between your folks and the visitors
  • ServiceGive visitors a concierge-level experience
  • ProductivityGet better results out of your staff and experientials
  • SavingsTake far fewer people from their jobs
  • ImprovementContinuous focus on program element impact
  • BandwidthIncrease your reach without over-extending your resources
  • MetricsGet better numbers, regardless of what you measure
  • Revenue Drive more high quality opportunities in to the pipeline

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