Constant self-improvement. Focus on the visitor. Work hard / play hard. Bring the energy. Drive positivity to others. Team first. Hour-to-hour advancements to increase desired impact. Take responsibility.

What differentiates our staffers?

  • Technical Aptitude

    Technically capable of digesting enormous amounts of technical information, in short order.

  • Extra-ordinary personalities

    Extra-Ordinary connectors, prepared to engage. Front-of-the-room types.

  • Corporate Backgrounds

    Professional with relevant experience: IT, technical, sales, training, and customer service. Degreed, with a few Masters and PhDs thrown in for good measure.

  • Advanced Training

    Advanced training in visitor engagement, floor presentations, messaging, transitions and teamwork.

Getting to the heart of Professional Staffer Services…

Professional Staffer Services is a high performance, technical event staffing agency. At the core of our unique capability, is a long history of building high-performance technical staff teams. We put floor-trained consultants in the service of technical brands to proactively approach, constructively qualified, and thoughtfully transition visitors to appropriate solutions or team members. These corporate professionals, usually with sales or training backgrounds are capable of digesting a broad range of technical product information and uncovering the needs of C-level visitors. Our strategic approach to commonly over-looked tactical challenges is one of the aspects that makes us unique in the events business.

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